Survey: How does everyday life roll in Lapinjärvi? Part IV: Information, inclusion and human-orientation

The fourth and final section of the surveyseries is now open! The theme of this survey is Information, inclusion and human-orientation in Lapinjärvi. In this survey we have extracted the strategic promises related to these themes from the municipal strategy and we are now asking how these are currently being implemented in your daily life.

Answer the survey through this link

We will publish four different surveys on different themes during  spring 2022. The purpose of the surveys is to provide information on how smooth everyday life of local residents is. With the help of the survey, we map out which themes are particularly important for the smooth running of everyday life for local residents, and what are the biggest development needs from local residents point of view.

Survey themes and release dates

  1. Environment and community, survey ended 20.2.2022
  2. Service, education and culture, survey ended 20.3.2022
  3. Trade, economy and future, survey ended 13.4.2022
  4. Information, inclusion and human-orientation, open now! (closing 24.4.2022)

The surveys are carried out as part of the Open Agenda-project. The project examines the smooth running of everyday life for local residents and, together with local residents, forks out the most important themes from which to start developing new types of digital services to make everyday life more smooth. You can read more about the project here (in Finnish):

The survey is based on the municipality’s strategy for 2021-2025, which was updated last year. In addition to the goals of the Open Agenda-project, the surveys also provide direct feedback on the municipal strategy: which themes are particularly important in the daily lives of local residents and how the strategic goals set by the municipality are currently being realized. You can find out about the municipal strategy here:×210-eng-final.pdf

Open Agenda is partially financed by the Ministry of Finance.